Consulting & Services

  • Environmental Technology Management Consulting and Transfer; scientific and technical equipment
  • Consulting design and transfer technology of waste water treatment, water supply.
  • Consultancy on investment projects on environmental projects.
  • Operating lease, maintenance of wastewater treatment & water supply systems

Environmental report

  • Preparation of feasibility study reports for environmental projects.
  • Make environmental impact assessment report.
  • Make a commitment to environmental standards.
  • Apply for a discharge permit.
  • Make a report on the completion of environmental protection.

Construction & installation

  • EPC contractor for wastewater treatment facilities.
  • EPC general contractor for domestic water supply and production.
  • Works for boiler feed water.
  • Works for purifying water, bottled water.
  • Works well water treatment
  • Incinerators for medical waste and hazardous waste.

Technical equipment

  • Consulting, investing and supply of laboratory equipment and equipment for environmental monitoring, scientific and technical equipment.
  • Consulting, investing, purchasing and installing automatic water quality monitoring stations;
  • Consulting, investing, purchasing and installing automatic air quality monitoring stations;
  • Repair, warranty, maintenance and calibration of environmental monitoring and analysis equipment;
  • Supply and installation of measuring and monitoring equipment.